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SFA Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Experiential learning often becomes a family affair when a student's relatives are passionate about forest management. Joshua Harris, pursuing a Master of Science in forestry, recently invited undergraduate students enrolled in Dr. Jeremy Stovall's silviculture course to his family's Nacogdoches property to observe a mulching operation. Managing the property for wildlife is a key objective for the Harris family; thus, four acres of dense invasive species such as privet and silktree, as well as weedy species such as yaupon were removed. This cleared area will now be planted with mast producing species favorable for wildlife and aide in the natural regeneration of native hardwoods and pines.

SFA Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

Nacogdoches, TX

Laraldrian T.

I am building house and needed the property cleaned up. I contacted Stephen to have the property cleared and after he walked the property, he made an evaluation that was best for me and my situation.
Stephen is very professional and well-mannered.
I was very happy with his work.

Laraldrian T.

Tyler, TX

We wanted to say Thank You for doing an awesome job. We appreciate your professionalism in corresponding back and forth and the quality job you did mulching the fence row for us. We will definitely be having you come back to do more once things have had a chance to dry out some. Great doing business with you!!

Joe and Leslie

Hallsville, TX

Stephen does fantastic work with his mulcher. I highly recommend his services and will not hesitate to use his company again.

Dale G.

Troop, TX

Forestry mulching on my property yesterday by R4 Landworks. Very good job with an awesome machine.

Tim C.

Waskom, TX

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I researched and spoke with every mulching company within 100 miles of my home and found R4 Landworks to have the best overall package including; equipment, experience, pricing, and service. My 12 acre wooded property had been severely neglected by the previous two tenants and the understory had come up thick with Chinese privet, Chinese tallow, silk tree (mimosa), elms and various vines. Burning was not an option for my family due to the high fuel loads below the forest canopy. Several old burn piles had been left to rot and been overtaken by 15' high vegetation. The staff at R4 came out and exceeded my expectations on efficiency and customer service completing over half of the job before lunch. Chip sizes were nearly uniform and the operator took great care to distribute them in desired areas while avoiding damaging my residual stand. My family and I couldn't be happier with our experience and sincerely recommend R4Landworks for your mulching/land clearing needs.


Nacogdoches, TX

Just had R4 Landworks clean a fence line. R4 landworks is top notch he cleaned a fence line for me that hasn't been seen in 15yrs. Stephen Ritter is a professional I got what I paid for. I would give him 5 stars on every aspect of his business .

Adam S.

Timpson, TX

If you want to transform your land or acreage into a useful homesite or a at home recreational area, give R4 a call. They are affordable, thorough and very professional. A very big thanks again to Steve and Sam!!!!

Bill Hoot

Tyler, TX

Don't know Bill Hoot, but do know that R4 Landworks does a great job at a very reasonable cost. Did a fantastic job for me.

John Henson

Henderson, TX

We had our woods done so we could put a fence up around our property and Mr. Ritter did such a good job we would highly recommend him! Good quality work done at a reasonable price, thanks.

Mattie C.

I highly recommend R4 Landworks to do any land clearing. Stephen Ritter is very dependable and did an outstanding job of clearing our land which was over grown with under brush, vines, briers and undesirable trees. I am very pleased and give R4 Landworks a five star rating.

Nathan W.