Tips Before Hiring

Tips on hiring a mulching contractor, or renting a mulcher.

Benefits of a forestry mulcher:
• Low ground pressure - less than a human foot
• No soil rutting, erosion or run off problems associated with conventional land clearing methods
• Minimal impact root damage to remaining trees
• No piles to burn – Eliminate fire risk or smoke pollution
• Ideal seed bed-plant grass immediately – resulting mulch mat retains moisture and helps control run-off
• Increase your land values- enlarge usable land

Can I rent a mulcher and do it myself?
Absolutely, there are several places in East Texas that rent mulchers.

Before attempting to do so- consider a few things:
• Rental machines may not have the Engine HP or Hydraulic Horsepower comparable to our 110 HP CAT 299 D2 XHP, resulting in less land clearing per hour
• Rental mulchers may have carbide teeth leaving a larger mulch versus our steel teeth
• Hours of training time needed to get the most production out of the rental machine
• Risk of damaging rental equipment, resulting in large fees
• Transportation to and from the rental store
• Cost of insurance needed to rent
• Cost of diesel needed to run the machine
• Your time to complete the project

Is it worth it?
It might be cheaper to pay a contractor who knows how to get the most production for your money. However, if you like DIY projects and decide you want to rent a machine and have questions, call R4 Landworks; we will be glad to help you in any way possible.

Things to consider when hiring a Mulcher
There are a lot of good owner/operators out there. However, there are also many that may underbid to get the work, then show up unprepared to fulfill their obligations.

Are they insured and can they prove it?

Have you seen any of their prior work?
If not, ask to see examples of what the finished product will look like. This could save you from being disappointed, having large sticks instead of small mulch. It could also explain why the bid or estimate is 1/3 of the price of others.

Do they charge for maintenance?
Some contractors may charge 8hrs but only work 7hrs.

How much hydraulic horsepower HHP do they have?
The more HHP= more land clearing per hour. Our CAT has an industry leading 110 engine HP with 94 HHP. Some of the “competitive” manufactured machines range from as low as 63 HHP!

Which style tooth do they use?
R4 Landworks uses a chipper/steel tooth and it has been our experience that it cuts at a rate of up tp 30% faster than a carbide tooth. The steel teeth also leave a smaller mulch than carbides. We would only recommend carbides in rocky terrain.